Bonland's Safety Program begins with management who are deeply committed to providing a safe environment and take an active role in our Safety Committee and Programs. Safety is a value that is stressed greatly throughout our entire organization. We therefore place high importance on providing a completely safe work environment. Bonland's activities at your job site will occur within the boundaries of our Safety Program. We believe that we have a moral obligation to ensure the safety of our employees and recognize that good safety practices make good business sense.

We communicate our commitment to Safety with the goal of Zero Accidents. Our short-term goal is to achieve an accident free year. Our long-term goal is to be an accident free company.

Team Wearing Safety Glasses

Welder with Mask


Our Safety Program begins with an initial orientation of new employees. This includes a review of our safety handbook which covers training in hazard communication, fall protection, personal protective equipment, proper lifting, housekeeping, use of ladders and scaffolds, and many other safety requirements. Employees are tested to ensure their understanding and sign a statement confirming their commitment to work in accordance with our Safety rules.

Bonland requires that all job sites conduct a minimum of one Toolbox Talk per month. On many sites, these talks are done weekly. The talks primarily concentrate on safety topics pertinent to our industry, but also include safety away from the workplace.

 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

We provide quality personal protective equipment which includes safety glasses, hard hats, fall protection, hearing protection and gloves, in addition to a variety of other protective equipment. Our Project Managers and Field Foremen ensure that the appropriate protective equipment is available on each of our job sites.

All Bonland employees are required to wear hard hats and safety glasses, regardless of whether it is a job site requirement. We feel that it is important to take a leadership role as it pertains to Safety.

Workers with Hard Hats



Bonland routinely performs job site audits, site safety reviews and quarterly safety observations. The findings are used to improve our overall Safety Program. Our Safety Specialist, Safety Committee, consultants and representatives from insurance companies perform the audits.

Project Managers perform the site safety reviews and our managers and foremen perform the safety observations. These safety inspections ensure that our safety rules and practices are being applied and that corrective action is taken if needed.